Panic at Kasese NUP offices as they reject Amina Kahindo as the flag bearer for Kasese Municipality MP

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Panic at the Kasese NUP offices as they reject Amina Kahindo as the flag bearer for Kasese Municipality MP. Whisper Eye Reports

National Unity Platform (NUP) party awarded Ms Kahindo Amina the Kasese municipality MP ticket a head of Sam Baluku who has mobilised the area to join the party and vote for change in 2021.

According to the head of legal team for Mr Baluku Sam, Mr Nzaghale Benard Kelly, people power supporters have been coming to the offices everyday waiting for the final declaration of Hon. Sam Baluku as the official flag bearer of the party.

Hon Sam was the first to establish the party while it was still a pressure group known as People Power, Our Power Movement by preaching to the population.

He attracted many people to buy party cards after it became a political party.
1000s turned up when Hon Sam together with others officially opened the people power offices.

This was an offer by Hon Sam to have a well established group to attract many other people to ran on the NUP ticket.

That day he slept in coolers having had a big mass at the opening ceremony of the offices hence violating Ministry of health SOPs.

Mr Baluku was released on police bond and hence continued with his work.

According to a privy source close to his opponents, they have been praying that he fails to go through the NUP vetting process since he has a well established ground already.

The party ticket has been given to Ms Kahindo a very unpopular candidate in the constituency.

Sources say that she has never reached out to the People power leadership, at the offices in Kasese municipality.

“Ms Kahindo is said to be sponsored by one of the candidates from other parties to destroy a very strong candidate with well established grounds that have been built for the last two years,” the source said further.

“Many of NUP supporters are threatening to join Gen Munt’s Alliance For National Transformation (ANT) if the principal (MP Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert) doesn’t intervene in this matter,” says the source.

Mr. Nzaghale Benard Kelly told Whisper Eye news that they will have a meeting tomorrow Sunday October 4, 2020, together with the legal team to discuss the way forward.

They will later hold a press conference at a yet unknown hotel, to inform the entire country on the way forward.

Many big opposition shots were denied NUP tickets on the parliamentary level and local governments.

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