Bursted: Kibalama is a highly trained Solider (spy) from UK “Did he trick Bobi Wine as reports suggest

Bursted: Kibalama is a highly trained Solider (spy) from UK “Did he trick Bobi Wine as reports suggest.

Many supporters, members and leaders of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party are sympathising with former party president Moses Kibalama Nkoge thinking that he is an ordinary person.

Intelligence has revealed to Whisper Eye that Mr Kibalama was a police officer who serviced in the force for 15 years.

Mr Kibalama was trained in the United Kingdom and during the training he was among the best five students thus loved by his trainers.

Basing on his extra ordinary military skills President Apollo Milton Obote picked him for his driver as the situation in Buganda, was tough to him.

According to privy source close to the late Paul Muwanga’s family who was a former president of Uganda, told Whisper Eye that when the political turmoil rocked Uganda in the 1980s Paulo Muwanga made military skilled Moses Nkonge Kibalama his driver too.

“Paulo Muwange no body he trusted than Mr Kibalama who was his driver,” says the source.

In Our Interview we had with Mr Kibalama last year he boldly informed Us that he attended military training for personal security .

” It was not by accident that I became Paul Muwanga’s driver, never. By then, one had to have undergone extensive military training, professional driving manoeuvres and and continuous trials to be considered,” says Mr Kibalama.

“It wasn’t a guarantee that if you completed training you would be taken on. Only the best of the best stood a chance. I was among the top best,” He stated.

Experts have warned NUP leaders that they have to make a proper assessment about Mr Kibalama’s behavior before it is too late.

Mr Kibalama is the founder of the National Unity and Reconciliation Party (NURP) in 2005 which merged with People Power, Our Power Movement to form National Unity Platform (NUP).

In 2010 Mr Kibalama tried his chances to contest with president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in 2011, only withdrew from the race under unclear circumstances.

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