Mujooga: Kibalama enjoys his beers freely hours after telling court that he is tortured

Mujooga: Kibalama enjoys his beers freely hours after telling court that he is tortured. Whisper Eye Reports

Former National Unity Platform (NUP) Mr Moses Nkonge Kibalama was seen yesterday evening just hours after the court in a hotel besides a swimming pool enjoying his beers contrary to his allegations that he is tortured by security operatives.

Mr Kibalama who allegedly sold the NUP party to Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu some time back and has changed his minds now asking for his party back.

When you see Mr Kibalama, looks to portray the image that he is forced to betray MP Kyagulanyi who is also known as Bobi Wine, but the fact is this man is just smart he knows how to play his games.

While in Court he look to be unstable and failed to convincingly answer simple questions, however he was smart when it come to the crucial part of the case that the process of changing NUP party leadership was illegally conducted.

Mr Kibalama confidently told court that they were nine while electing Mr Wine although the record shows 41 people admitting that the other signatures were forged.

Admitting that they lied to the Electoral Commission (EC ) tantamount to cancelation of the party delegation conference that elected Mr Wine as the party President.

Although Kibalama seemed to protect MP Kyagulanyi when he said that the party president is him (Bobi Wine)/but this is of no value when he tells court that he was elected illegally.

The man Kibalama who told court that he is tortured, was seen yesterday evening a free man and not under any security captivity contrary to what he said a few hours ago in court where he claimed that he was under security captivity and 24 hour surveillance.

He addressed a press conference in the same venue freely chatting with Journalists.

Mr Kibalama was clever enough he dodged every question asked by journalists in connection to evidence needed by the court and openly told them, “I can answer that if it is asked by court or ordered by the court”.

The ruling of this controversial case, the ruling is set on 16th October 2020.

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