“Witch-hunt”- EOC boss charged with thumped up corruption charges after her refusal to approve Big Shots’ highly priced tenders

“Witch-hunt”- EOC boss charged with thumped up corruption charges after her refusal to approve Big Shots’ highly priced tenders. Whisper Eye Reports

  • Witch-hunt!! – EOC boss charged with thumped up corruption charges after her refusal to deny big shots highly priced tenders.

EOC boss Sylvia Muwebwa Ntambi was this week charged with three counts of criminal charges under the Anti-Corruption Court.

Whisper Eye has learnt through its trusted sources that the Equal Opportunities Commission boss Ms Sylvia ,was not surprised to the thumped up criminal charges after a big government minister name withheld and a re-known city untouchable business man were after her head.

It is believed that ever since the Secretary of EOC, Mr Mujuni Mpitsi who doubles as the accounting officer under the EOC Act was charged of causing financial loss, conspiracy to defraud, abuse of office among other charges, unfounded blackmail, dossiers from anonymous whistle blowers directed to the President , Parliament and the donor community against Sylvia Ntambi began to flow in.

They accused her of nepotism and tribalism despite the fact that the EOC staff list does not posses any of a blood related EOC staff to Ms Slyvia.

It is surprising that the cartel insists that she was recruiting and favouring her tribemates yet she is not even among the EOC recruitment team .

A further analysis of the EOC staff list shows that 40% are from Western region another 40 % are from the Eastern region and the rest of the tribes including Buganda where Sylvia hails from only occupy 20%.

On 16th September 2020 an amended charge sheet under the anti-corruption court added Sylvia Ntambi under those to be charged with other 9 EOC officials including the former secretary Mr Mpitsi.

Whisper Eye through is credible investigations has established the whole truth behind the cartel hide to do away with the EOC boss who has been very instrumental to bring to account unnecessary expenditures by the commission.

Some time in 2019,the Bugolobi based statutory body advertised through New Vision to acquire an office in Kampala central business hub to enable the community to access their services with ease.

According to records on the Whisper Eye desk, three companies expressed interest and went ahead to bid to provide office space at a very high unbearable costs to EOC.

The companies namely Kingdom Kampala, Rhino investments and Amin Virani .

The two companies were eliminated at preliminary evaluation stages under mere simple technicalities that one company didn’t have a copy of the tax clearance certificate of 2019

It is also stated that the eliminated companies did not have powers of attorney signed in Uganda and commissioned by a commissioner of oaths some thing which was objected too as mere technicalities to deny the companies a chance to provide office rental space.

The bid was then awarded to Kingdom Kampala at UGX 208 Million shillings per month totalling to 2.5 Billion per year by the technical contracts committee together with the solicitor general .

All the committee proceedings were influenced and closely followed by the secretary of EOC Mujuni Mpitsi and the now Vice Chairperson of EOC Mr Cox Odoi with a hidden agenda.

When the evaluation results were presented to the commission , majority of the EOC commission members rejected the whole process , award criteria and the award.

It was quoted in a heated meeting that Ms Ntambi insisted that the Ministry of finance had only allocated UGX 500 M annually to spend on an extra office since EOC already has a commission home in Bugolobi.

It was therefore agreed that the bid process be halted to avoid putting EOC and government into a commitment that it would in future fail to honour.

It is through this refusal that Mrs Ntambi started getting numerous calls for private isolated meetings with some of the officials of the cartel , messages, threatening mysterious calls with even promises of taking her life if she refused to approve the office bid.

This story will be continued in our subsequent news bulletin .

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