Kasukaali Keeko: I can’t support Latif Ssebaggala, & Bobi Wine’s elder brother Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu because of just holding a NUP ticket, MP Nambooze fumes

I can’t support Haji Latif Ssebaggala, and Bobi Wine’s elder brother Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu also known as Chairman Nyanzi because of just holding a NUP ticket, MP Nambooze fumes . Whisper Eye Reports

Former Democratic Party (DP) vice president Buganda region who joined National Unity Platform (NUP) party last month also Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke has vowed over her dead body that she can’t support NUP flag bearers for Kampala Central MP seat and Kampala Lord Mayor seat.

MP Nambooze told media openly that although the party decided to front a candidate against her brother referring to Haji Erias Lukwago, she can not support haji Latif Ssebaggala Ssengendo for the seat of Kampala Lord Mayor.

“I haven’t discussed Latif’s candidature anywhere, I said and I state it here again…that I have a long standing relationship with my brother the Lord Mayor (Haji Erias Lukwago) and I will humbly request my leaders in NUP to excuse me on that post and allow me to side with Erias Lukwago on that election,” says MP Nambooze.

The outspoken legislator will not also support Chairman Nyanzi, Bobi Wine’s elder brother.

“Hon Muhammad Nsereko is my blood brother….but I have never stood with him even once on a political platform and I won’t do it even this time,” Hon Nambooze said.

“The way I don’t expect hon Muhammad Nsereko to come to Mukono to support my opponent is the same way I won’t join the NUP campaign in Kampala Central,” she stated.

Hon Nambooze has advised chairman Nyanzi and haji Latif to look for other vacant posts for the good of the struggle.

“There are thousands of vacancies up for grabs by NUP, why should one high light only those led by my brother.

As much as these people moves to fault me for not supporting Comrade” Nnyanzi a brother to Hon Kyagulanyi” the same media house would have been fair to me because I am equally faced with an election involving my brother,” Hon Nambooze explained.

“The fact of the matter is that I have hundreds of constituency so why does one concetrate on those were we have Challenges?,” she added.

Whisper Eye is reliably informed that many NUP candidates are to stand lonely in Kampala district without the support of fellow big NUP members.

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