NRM Primaries: celebrations! Speaker Kadaga 301 Deborah Mwesigwa 0

NRM Primaries: Speaker Kadaga 301 Deborah Mwesigwa 0. Whisper Eye Reports

Uganda’s speaker of parliament Rt hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has defeated her NRM party primaries competitor Ms Mwesigwa Deborah at her polling station terribly.

Our news reporter from Kamuli has informed us that at Busobya I village Speaker Kadaga has won the polling station by 100 percentage.

Speaker Kadaga has scored 301 votes and Ms Mwesigwa Deborah failed to get a single vote.

Basing on the provincial results indicate that Hon Kadaga is leading the race with a comfortable percentage.

Hon Kadaga and Ms Mwesigwa are battling for Kamuli district woman MP National Resistance Movement (NRM) flag bearer.

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