Shameful: Minister Acheng addresses a political rally without a Mask

Shameful: Minister Acheng addresses a political rally without a Mask. Whisper Eye Reports.

Uganda Health minister Dr Ruth Aceng who has been on the frontline of fighting against Covid-19 pandemic has gone against World Health Organisation (WHO) of waring a face mask in public and social distancing while appearing in the public in Lira.

Dr Aceng has started her campaigns for Lira woman MP.

She gathered a big rally and asked residents of Lira to chose her as their next woman representative in the 11th Parliament.

The act of Dr Aceng to appear in public and holding a political rally without a face mask has called for mixed reactions from the public.

Many Ugandans have criticised Dr Ruth Aceng saying that it may be true that Covid-19 pandemic has been politicised in Uganda.

The Public is waiting for the reaction of Parliament and the head of state about Minister Aceng act.

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine (MBChB), MMED (Pediatrics), Masters in Public Health and a Diploma in Health System Strengthening.

She is a Paediatrician expert and is currently at the level of Senior Consultant Paediatrics.

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