Uganda Activist Achan Ruth , 35 who is wanted on several sexual related crimes resurfaces . Whisper Eye Reports.

Achan Ruth a lady who jumped police arrest after all evidence gathered against her showed she promoted homosexuality tendencies in Uganda is alive.

According to Police the lady who was netted ready handed with a married woman has resurfaced.

Our scoops in Netherlands also confirm that Ruth Achan was at the just concluded Black Lives Matter protest around June 2020 giving a speech at the mass demonstrations .

She was a resident of Muntungo Luzira in Nakawa division before the escape from Uganda to Europe around 2018 after sexual crimes against her.

Her brother’s name with held, confirmed to us that her sister left Uganda after her life was in trouble.

The LGBT community in Uganda lives a very secretive life, not only from the community but are also fearful from close family and friends, or being pronounced a cursed human, or murdered.

Speaking to Acceptance Center a pro human rights group confirmed that Uganda still takes serious charge on groups of LGBT.

Whisper Eye shall Keep You Posted!

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