Big Tale: Sexual harassment in people power is pulling us , Men zip up, Angella Namirembe fumes

Sexual harassment to women is puling us down in people power, Men Zip Up, Angella Namirembe says. Whisper Eye Reports.

Sexual harassment is any unwanted behavior or attention of a sexual nature that may or may not interfere with a person’s ability to participate in or benefit from any activity.

People Power Movement National deputy youth leader for Buganda region Namirembe Angella asks men in politics to stop sexual harassment if they are to be crowned at the end.

The youthful political activist Ms Namirembe has advised the political movement led by Bobi Wine on how to win more female counterparts into the struggle to defeat president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

‘Besides the harmful propaganda that tends to be intolerant to those who come out to speak, I will raise an issue of sexual harassment that takes place with in the political circles,’ Ms Namirembe told Whisper Eye.

“It is one thing that has hindered many from attaining their political dreams. Many have totally disappeared and left it to the men, she adds.”

She has asked fellow leaders to respect the persistent women they see on the front that they shouldn’t be taken for granted, I for one am experiencing this habit however Whisper Eye I will not reveal those names too you.

However, “All we need to do to bring more on board is to be tolerant, welcoming, men close your zips and ladies focus for all issues are women issues, Ms Namirembe said.”

“A struggle without women is dead at it’s birth…. Remember, lack of women in political positions to influence decision making stymies development.” She added.

Discipline is a key for the success of a liberation struggle.

Talking to Mubiru James a people power leader in Lubaga North distanced himself about such acts happening within their movement however he didn’t rule it out.

This happens in this country not only in people power but to many mainly those seeking jobs , I will ask the principal about it, James Mubiru a human rights activist added.

Although sexual harassment involves sexual behaviors, it’s actually not about sex. People who harass others are acting in a way that communicates aggression, hostility, and a desire for control.

They feel powerful by making someone, who they see as inferior, feel scared or uncomfortable. Sometimes they simply want attention. Regardless of their motivation, perpetrators of sexual harassment need to be stopped.

Sexual harassment can include, but is not limited to:

  • Touching, pinching, or grabbing someone else’s breasts, butt, or genitals
  • Touching, pinching, or grabbing your own breasts, butt, or genitals in front of others
  • Sexual comments, jokes, stories, song lyrics, or rumors
  • Gestures and facial expressions (e.g., winking or licking lips)
  • Inappropriate looks or staring at someone’s body
  • Clothing pulled to reveal your body or someone else’s body
  • Sexual pictures or drawings (e.g., a pornographic magazine)
  • Demands for sexual activity
  • Physical intimidation (e.g., standing too close to someone, following someone, blocking someone’s way so they can’t leave)
  • Cyberbullying (when the Internet, cell phones, or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person)

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