RDC Byabasaija praises Mpigi residents over the struggle to prevent Covid-19

RDC Byabasaija praises Mpigi residents over the struggle to prevent Covid-19 . Whisper Eye Updates

Mpigi District Covid-19 task force chairperson who doubles as the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Byabasaija Rosemary has praised residents for a recommendable cooperation as they implement Covid-19 preventive measures.

Ms Byabasaija while addressing the district council meeting yesterday, she recommended the general public for complying with the presidential directives towards the control of Corona Virus.

RDC said that they have received 30 cases for testing and results turned out to be negative.

‘As the chairperson of the task force, I appreciate Mpigi residents who are cooperative,’ says RDC Byabasaija.

“The district Covid-19 task force has received donation from our people on the district who have given us momentum to fight against Covid-19, she explained.”

‘Director of Nkozi Clays Counsel Yusuf Nsibambi gave us one million shillings, Prophet Samuel Kakande gave us 10m, Engineer Ssebanakitta Peter gave us 500,000/= among others, she said.”

On the same note, also our leaders have greatly staged a good show in the fight against the spread of deadly Corona Virus.

“Our MPs; Mawokota North MP hon Ameria Kyambadde, Woman MP Nakawunde Sarah, Mawokota South MP John Bosco Lubyayi have all supported us,’ says the RDC.”

She also appreciated Buganda Kingdom leadership in Mawokota County lead by Owek. Gabriel Kabonge who also donate to the task force.

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