Change your mindset and exploit opportunities , Pan African Think Tank founder tells Uganda’s youths

Change your mind set and exploit opportunities in this global village, US pop music star tells Uganda’s youths.

Change your mind set and exploit opportunities in this global village, US pop music star who doubles as the founder of Pan African Think Tank tells Uganda’s youths.Whisper Eye Reports.

USA based Non – Government Organization , Pan African Think Tank founder Christine Nichole made her first call to Ugandan youth to exploit all global opportunities to liberate them selves from poverty.

US pop music star in an exclusive interview with Whisper Eye at Buziga, Kampala emphasized that youths in Uganda must change approaches on how to fight poverty.

C Nichole in Uganda with Mr Mugonza Andrew a a journalist at Whisper Eye

‘What I have learnt is that youths in Uganda want to work for some one, not to create something for thier own,’ says C. Nichole.

“There is a mellenium advantage of this united global market that is free to every one. ” She added.

Ms Nichole promised to equip Uganda’s youth with skills and trainings as a way to create more employment opportunities.

Pan African Think Tank is a non-profit with the mission to bridge the gap between Africa and the African Diaspora through Pan African forums that assist with research as a means to collectively advocate.

‘As Pan African Think Tank, we are looking at having trainings to provide skills to unemployed youths. With internet there are many opportunities a cross the word,’ states Ms Nichole.

MS Nichole is moving a cross the world mobilising for Pan African Think Tank with a lot of energy and live hope that the platform is to create change amongst the young generation within five years from now. The 28 year old American emphasized.

Nichole asked the young generation to involve in the leadership of the country to participate in policy making, thus influencing government policies.

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