Exclusive Story: Top Teachers among those facing criminal charges for recruiting their students into sexual related crimes

Police have commenced investigations after a group of secondary teachers had been arrested at Waterford Primary Nabisunsa which was a holiday coaching center for students.

Uganda police confirmed arresting a teacher named Mukasa Emmanuel and three others at the coaching center Vincent Sekatte, CID mouthpiece said.

According to Sekatte Uganda police received a tip-off that a group of more than six teachers led by Ssemanda Joseph was recruiting their children into acts of homosexuality.

According to the police, Teacher Mukasa Emmanuel was recorded at his apartment kissing a boy by one of his neighbors and it was discovered that it was his old student.

Police also confirmed from eyewitnesses that Mukasa Emmanuel was always returning to his home in Mpoma a village in Mukono district always with a different boy like twice a week which invited neighbors to question his motives of always returning with various younger boys.

“On 15th December 2017 Friday Immediately a team of top police officers proceeded to the scene and arrested teachers who were found coaching students at around 12 midday. However, the coordinator of the coaching center named Ssemanda Joseph had escaped but will be hunted down” Sekatte said.

Mr. Mukasa Emmauel in a black and white shirt with Mr. Ssemanda at an undisclosed hangout in Kampala

We also appeal to the public with information regarding Ssemanda Joseph’s whereabouts to reach out to police and ensure he is arrested, Sekatte added.

The police team with the investigations recovered used and unused condoms, various tins of vaseline, and sexual penetrating lubricants like Pjur Back Door Silicone Anal lube at Mukasa Emmanuel’s apartment in Mpoma Mukono.

At the scene of the crime, it was discovered that the purported illegal coaching center for students was a link to recruiting humble boys into homosexual acts with promises among like free education scholarships in various schools and universities in Uganda and Europe

It was also discovered that Mr. Ssemanda the owner of the coaching center was a close confidant of Mukasa Emmanuel who was caught red-handed kissing his old student but escaped.

It has also been confirmed that Mukasa Emmanuel is a teacher at Seeta High school whereas Ssemanda Joseph the ring leader was a former teacher at Seeta High but is now with St Mary’s Senior Secondary school Kitende in Wakiso.

The other three teachers were later released on police bond as all evidence pinned Mukasa Emmanuel.

Uganda has increased its force to crack down on criminal charges related to the same sex, On Friday 20th December 2013, Uganda’s Parliament ignored Western criticism and passed a bill that punishes acts of homosexuality with prison terms that can include life in prison.

The bill has been a source of controversy for years. Western governments and leaders, including President Obama, have criticized the measure, which President Yoweri Museveni must sign for it to take effect.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill, its actual name, also makes it a crime to “promote” homosexuality,

It also makes it a crime punishable by five years in prison for renting an apartment to an LGBT person and not informing your tenant authorities.

“It’s trying to make it impossible for people to have private lives,” says Jessica Stern, executive director of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, based in New York.

When the bill was first introduced in 2009, it was dubbed the “Kill the Gays Bill” because of its death penalty provision. That was later removed, but it galvanized the LGBT community in Uganda, which mobilized international support and took on a cautious public role in Uganda.

However, still, the homosexual community lives a very secretive life for fear of public attacks.

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